Mari Christie has been a professional writer, editor, and designer in
Denver, Colorado for more than 25 years. At the age of 19, she decided
to learn to write anything requiring words. With experience in
journalism, marketing and advertising, media relations, government and
industry proposals, nonprofit grants, technical communications, business
documentation, fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry, this goal has,
for the most part, been accomplished.

Mari holds a BA in Writing, summa cum laude and With Distinction, from
the University of Colorado Denver,. She has been an expert in word
processing since WordPerfect for DOS; Microsoft products since Windows
3.1; desktop publishing since Quark 1.0 and Aldus PageMaker; and Adobe
Creative products before they comprised a Suite.

Since 2009, she has published four historical romance novels and a
book-length epic poem, and is currently at work on her first mainstream
historical novel.

You can find out more about Mari and connect with her on social media at:

Professional Services Website
Author Website

Amazon Author Page

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